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As a multidisciplinary clinic, Holding Hands, inc. serves infants, children, adolescents and young adults with developmental, neurological and biological diagnoses. Our clinical team focuses on the child�s strengths and individual difference while developing an intervention plan that addresses his or her unique profile. Our clinical team fosters a relationship not only with the client, but educate, empowers and supports the entire family unit.

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8 week
Support Group for Parents with Special Needs
Week 1 : Informed consent (paperwork) Introductions/ Welcome Group Rules HIPPA
Week 2 : Identifying our Stressors
Week 3 :  Self-Care (making time for me!)
Week 4 : Relationships/Spouses
Week 5 : Siblings
Week 6 : Instead of focusing on the "Special Needs" embrace what is "Specially Unique" about your child.
Week 7 : Resources in the community for you, your child and the family.
Week 8 : Recap Making positive Self Statements Group tree Closure

A support group for children & teens of siblings with special needs

What does it feel like being a brother or sister of a child with special needs? Family life changes and the needs of the siblings can be overshadowed by the child with special needs. This 8 week Sib-Shop was created to support, empower, educate, and foster sibling relationships. The Sib-Shops are facilitated by psychological assistants, doctorate level mental health professionals, and Marriage and Family Therapy Interns and Trainees.

Group Topics include how a sibling can:

Understand their brother or sister�s disability
Manage their feelings
Navigate their relationships with peers
Build their own self-esteem and recognize their own special qualities

The Sib-Shop curriculum is interactive with arts and crafts, journaling, group activities, snacks, group discussions, and most of all a supportiveenvironment you can meet new friends who also have siblings with special needs.


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